Greed – An Act Of Scarcity in Abundance

Greed - An Act Of Scarcity in Abundance

Greed a word used by many but understood by so few. An illness of epidemic proportions that has infiltrated its way into the lives of so many, leaving only a small number unscathed. Greed has clawed itself into modern civilization at a phenomenal rate leaving the majority trapped in its firm grip. Greed has become the defining expression of ones ego, the need for self preservation being the paramount reason for ones actions. It has sunk man into an dark abyss of illusion, keeping all that it controls hostage. It has become a prescription for purpose, a reason for living. Nothing however could be further from the truth. It is within these dark shadows of greed that lurks a light, a light of new hope. A light which if allowed to shine could dissolve the grip that this ego driven faculty has had over its hostages for far too long.

So what is it that causes such an illusion to have a powerful grip over so many? What is it that gives rise to its strength? What is it that can be done to loosen it’s grip over you? These are some of the questions that I have found myself asking many a time. I shall now reveal some of my deeper revelations over this presiding trait and how it has become a parasitic entity in the society that we now live in.

Greed has been a faculty that has been ingrained into humans from the beginning of “time”. It has been etched into the deepest space of each and everyone of us, etched so perfectly by ego that it only has one desire. The desire to survive, the desire to keep alive and ensure its very own survival. Believe me when I say this but this instinct of survival is so powerful that it at any moment can cloud even the purest of minds. It’s hold is so captivating that it will make anyone caught in it’s grip feel as though it is necessary to act in such a way. Little would you know that the ego and the mind are masterminding this very illusion, the illusion to keep you trapped for all of eternity in there control.

Survival of the fittest has always been the mainstay of thought that we have all been taught to adhere to. Survival is coded into our genetic blueprint, either you ‘survive or you die’ has been the slogan so often spoken of. This school of thought would be very understandable in this day and age if we were a new species inhabiting earth. Luckily for all of us we have been around long enough to see that our dominance supersedes all other forms of creation in turn. Then why is it that we are all trying to still survive? Why is it that we all feel the need to accumulate in a world where abundance is plentiful?

Fear is the driver that drives you to be greedy, fear of your own security is the only reason why you choose to act this way. Whether you are greedy for wealth, fame, food or love you will go to any lengths to secure yourself. Nothing can and will stop you in your pursuit, so much so that you are actually leaving yourself more insecure than you could ever have imagined. How can this be? how can securing oneself leave you more insecure? Well let me tell you a little about our dear friend the “ego”. Ego or the so called “I” in everything is the label you attach to “self” to secure your own identity. “I” is what separates you from everything that exists, so much so that it becomes who you are. The ego needs to survive and it does this layer by layer, slowly using whatever it can to strengthen its grip over you. It is very clever in its pursuits and by keeping you in a repetitive cycle, you remain none the wiser. You start to act and action in such a way to preserve your identity; but in doing so you continually give away your power to the external world. This vicious cycle of accumulation to secure oneself is the trait that you will see occurring constantly around you. What people seem to not realise is that by securing themselves externally, they are leaving there inner self unbalanced. It is this imbalance that people are unaware of that creates all the physical, mental and emotional problems seen throughout the world.

As humanity there is no need for us to be greedy, we have everything we need to survive as a species. Some of us maybe far more fortunate than others, this only being a privilege and not a right. For those who have sunk due to greed, will have come to realise that this dark hole has no end. These are the few who will emerge from darkness to bring light to those still trapped in the tunnel of illusion. If we are to survive the tests of time, we must all learn to share, give and support one another. Only these acts of unity can bring about change in a world that had been driven by selfish and egotistical endeavours for far too long. We have created so much abundance for everyone to share, yet we still are living as though everything is scarce. A new dawn is now on the horizon and we must all wake upto the realisation that this journey is for all of us to enjoy equally.

‘Greed, in the end, fails even the greedy.’ ― Cathryn Louis

You Were Never Meant To Fit In

You Were Never Meant To Fit In | Secret Mirrors

Ever had the feeling‬ that you sometimes don’t fit in? Ever felt like no matter how hard you try it always seems to not work in your favour?

Well let me tell you a secret, you were never meant to fit in. You were designed with a purpose in mind. You were designed to not be a followerbut a leader. You are the director of your life and something within will always try to push you in completing its purpose. Its that something which you need to discover. That something is the real you… That something is SELF… That something is consciousness.

Let self‬ be the guide on your journey. Believe in it, trust it and let it protect you. That gut instinct you feel but sometimes choose to ignore… Well don’t ignore it… acknowledge it, consciously process it for what it is in this present moment… Then make your choice… It will always do right by you.

@secretmirrors reminding you that you never have to fit in just because everyone else is.

#smartt #secretmirrors

To Appear You Must Disappear

To Appear You Must Disappear | Secret Mirrors

Just like an illusionist who right before your very eyes disappears, you must also disappear. To disappear means to look at yourself and suddenly question “Who Am I?”

When you suddenly realise that you no longer recognise the person you see in the mirror. That is when you will begin to appear. The facade, the mask will have fallen, the “I” in I am will have dissolved and your true essence and being will be now coming from a deeper space. It will be a depth so vast that the purity in you will really amaze you.

This is when you will have appeared, your presence will have changed. When you walk, when you talk you will no longer be living life, life will be living through you. Through you life will become alive, you will become a pure mirror through which everything and everyone will reflect from. In essence you will become invisible, but in becoming invisible you will now finally shine brighter than you ever could have imagined.

@secretmirrors always operating from a space of purity.

#smartt #secretmirrors

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