Silent Message Inwards

Silent Message Inwards

Every night without fail she makes her appearance. Her mood might change but her intentions always remain the same. She is here to show you the way. In the silence of the night her glow fills the darkness, she is the light for those who are seeking the path.

In order for you to be shown the way you must first acknowledge her beauty. You must first fall in love with her each and every night, no matter how her mood changes. When she is ready she will give you her message. But you must first show her your devotion, then only will the path be revealed.

Believe me when I say this…. She is worth it…

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Leadership | Secret Mirrors

Who are the real leaders of the world? You will find the real leaders are not the ones that are followed, but the ones who are following. We are all born leaders, each one born to lead something in this world.

First you must find your voice, use that voice to lead your life. Once you have found your purpose go out into the world and start making that real change. The change we all need right now for a brighter tomorrow. Real leaders create more leaders, by simply empowering them with who they truly are.

Where you find the right leaders you will find love, joy compassion and happiness. Be that change you want to see in this world. Be that light for those still in the dark.

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Life Is A Stage

Life Is A Stage | Secret Mirrors

We are all just actors on the grand stage of life. Each one of us has a unique role to play in this feature length movie. Some already know there part while others are still discovering there’s.

Just ensure that whatever your part maybe you make it the best part ever written. The only audience you need to please is yourself. Make it happen, get up on that stage and shine. You came here to make waves not ripples, those waves need to be felt through existence.

Remember it is because you exist that you think. You don’t think therefore you exist! Get out there and start existing, start shining the world needs your energy, the world needs its actors.

secretmirrors bringing actors alive on the world stage.

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Whose Minding Who?

Mindfulness | Secret Mirrors

The mind is the store room of all that you have experienced in your life. It keeps you under its spell to ensure its own survival. In securing itself it leaves you insecure and under complete illusion.

Learn to control your mind, be mindful of it’s purpose, but do not give it energy to control your #present experience. Either you control your mind or your mind will control you.

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You Are Timeless

You Are Timeless

Time is an illusion. A construct of the human body, created to keep us all in a sealed box. Awakening to the reality of its insignificance will help dissolve it’s grip over you. Its nature is to keep you bounded and shackled for eternity.

One day you will come to know that your true essence is boundless and completely free. Its that day we all need to awaken to collectively. Its that day where two will eventually become ONE. Unity will prevail.

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