Nothing In Life Is Coincidence

Nothing In Life Is Coincidence

Nothing in life is random, nothing in life is coincidental or luck based. It has all been planned perfectly. Planned and just waiting, waiting to be executed at the right times on your journey.

You see when you came here you came with a map. A map which would guide you along your path. Just to make sure you kept to the map, you placed in certain guarantees. These guarantees were designed by you, hoping that along the way they would offer you timely reminders to keep going. The impact of these nudges were tiered from gentle to extreme. If simple ones didn’t work then a more forceful guarantee was placed for insurance.

You see to keep to your path is the most difficult. Difficult as everything around you is designed to make you fail.. It is this chance of possible failure that will keep you on the path. Nobody ever said that learning was easy, nobody ever said evolving would be a breeze. It will take time, perseverance, faith and a lot of energy to find your treasure. But believe me it will be all worth it….

@secretmirrors came with a map of instructions and is slowly starting to unravel its treasures.

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Not Within? You Can Do Without

Not Within? You Can Do Without

All that you have ever wanted is already in you. You could spend your whole life looking for it outside of you but it will never be found. All that you see is based on your consciousness, you create from consciousness and you can easily absorb it all back into consciousness.

The seeds you have already sown have led you too where you are right this very moment. Therefore the seeds you sow in this moment will flower at some point in future. Thus choose your seeds wisely. Whatever you are looking for must already be within you. You are the creator of your own world. So remember whatever you energise you will at some point materialise.

@secretmirrors has all that it will ever need to feel complete.

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Eating To Live or Living To Eat?

Eating To Live or Living To Eat?

Eating to live or are you living to eat? This has to be a question that we have all come across at some point in our lives. Is eating the only reason why we are living or are we eating so that we can successfully live our lives. So to try and make sense of all this, I am going to share a perspective with you, a perspective that could change your views on the whole process of eating forever.

Now before I begin to discuss the whole premise behind the eating process I would like to make one clear distinction. This distinction is that the body and the mind are two different entities. The reasoning behind this distinction will become more apparent as we go along, so to start with lets begin with ones body. The human body as it stands is a perfectly designed machine, a machine designed with such great precision and ingenuity, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. To see it, feel it and understand it in its entirety and complexity alone will blow your mind away. To make this machine function and to function it must it needs to be fed. It needs to be fed with the right nutrients, of the right quantities and at the right times. Only then can this machine function at its optimum and consistently deliver peak performance. This machines functioning is controlled and managed effectively by none other than the brain. The brain is the bodies power house, it determines how to best operate and regulate the bodies functions always trying to keep everything running in perfect order. So when the body is hungry it will give you signs and signals that it is time to re-energise… This is when you are eating to live.. Eating purely to keep you system functioning at its optimum levels and continually ensuring that the body remains in perfect harmony.

Now if the body tells you when to eat… then why is it that many are finding themselves “living to eat”. You will find the reason behind this has something to do with the distinction that I had made earlier. The distinction that the mind and body are separate entities. It is the faculty of the mind that creates the desire to always want to eat. This distinction alone could be the largest reason why the world has seen such an epidemic in obesity. Now to add some justification to the former statement, let me explain a little bit about the mind. The mind in itself is nothing more than a storage facility, a super warehouse full of information that has been collected over your lifetime. This information has been filtered through your 5 senses both consciously and unconsciously which has become imbedded deep within you. When information is needed it is retrieved and then used accordingly when you make your decisions.

You may now be asking the question “thats all being well but what has this got to do with living to eat? This my friends is the reason why people overeat and overindulge, not because there body is asking them too, but because there senses and mind are overruling everything they know. Everyone eats through there eyes, they taste with there mouth’s and smell with there noses. These are the three filters that dominate your desire to want to eat. Now to get someone to over eat is easy… Over time all you have to do via various sensory methods is persuade them that the body needs food. It can either be by stimulating there eyes, creating a smell that they can relate to or even giving them something to taste so to fire-up there taste buds. Once that is done all they need to then find is an attachment to food via an emotionally draining episode whether that be hurt, fear, loss, pain, stress, anxiety etc…. Thus every time a mind created scenario plays out which leaves one totally drained. The lack of energy draws one to overeat to re-energise creating a pseudo-positive outcome. You have just witnessed how a mind created scenario, coupled with a sensory stimulant can easily lead to over consumption.

It really is that simple, by manipulating how one thinks “eating to live” suddenly can be turned into “living to eat”. By unconsciously feeding ones mind with images, sounds, smells, tastes and negativity anyone can become a slave to there senses and mind controlled desires. So now you can see why gluttony and obesity could have the possibility of running hand in hand. Just take some time to think about how your mind has been manipulated to do such things? and why it may have been done? The challenge now is to work on breaking free of such cyclical processes, by making sure that you mind what matters the most…. YOU

‘Your body can stand up to almost anything. Its your mind that you have to convince.’ – Anonymous

Dissolving “I” in “I am”

Dissolving "I" in "I am"

If you want to give your children the best education in the world then DO NOT teach them about the letter “I”

The letter “I” is the only letter in the alphabet that causes so many problems we see in the worldtoday. From a young age it is instilled in all of us as a means of creating an #identity. It is where we learn to create all of our #attachments from, its the source of all of humanities problems and its from this source alone that we can start to learn to dissolve these very issues.

“I” is so powerful it unconsciously creates divide, and division is the largest most destructive entity that exists today. Divide leads to segregation, it leads to poverty, wars, greed, fear and total destruction. Our children need to be taught to accept everything and everyone as there own, everything they see is a reflection of themselves. There is no “I” in anything but just “us”, we are always one, always have been and always will be.

Start today, start making these changes in yourSELF. Start to slowly dissolve your ego, start to destroy your identity… It is only then will you come to know who you really and truly are….

@secretmirrors destroying the “I” in “I am”

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You Only See Because Of People

You See Because You Attract

The world as you see it is merely an illusion. It is just a reflection of you. Everything and everyone is just a mirage so to speak of yourself.

All people are doing is they are showing you what you are, what you need to learn and how you need to evolve. People are already predestined to meet you at various stages of your life. You put them there to show you what you needed to learn.

Once they have taught you your lessons, they will move on. Actually nobody moves on only you do. Everything is just a projection of you, you consciously create to learn and then you consciously destroy to evolve.

You are just consciousness, becoming conscious of what you have created.

@secretmirrors now sees the world differently, the eye is fully open.

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Building A Strong Foundation

Building A Strong Foundation

The journey to oneness can only commence once the foundation is set. It must be ‪‎rock‬ solid and well grounded before you are ready to weather the storm that can entail.

Your roots need to be set so deep that the tornado that will ensue after awakening does not uproot you. This foundation must be created well, in order for you to begin your ascension. Weakness cannot be an option as what can follow can easily tear you apart.

Nobody said that the journey home was going to be easy. Nobody said that you would make it. But I am telling you now everything that has and is happening in your life has been perfectly orchestrated to help you. It has been planned to get you ready for your ascension. When the time is right you will be shown the way home. Until then keep going..

@secretmirrors has entered a new space and is on route home.

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You Were Never Meant To Fit In

You Were Never Meant To Fit In | Secret Mirrors

Ever had the feeling‬ that you sometimes don’t fit in? Ever felt like no matter how hard you try it always seems to not work in your favour?

Well let me tell you a secret, you were never meant to fit in. You were designed with a purpose in mind. You were designed to not be a followerbut a leader. You are the director of your life and something within will always try to push you in completing its purpose. Its that something which you need to discover. That something is the real you… That something is SELF… That something is consciousness.

Let self‬ be the guide on your journey. Believe in it, trust it and let it protect you. That gut instinct you feel but sometimes choose to ignore… Well don’t ignore it… acknowledge it, consciously process it for what it is in this present moment… Then make your choice… It will always do right by you.

@secretmirrors reminding you that you never have to fit in just because everyone else is.

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To Appear You Must Disappear

To Appear You Must Disappear | Secret Mirrors

Just like an illusionist who right before your very eyes disappears, you must also disappear. To disappear means to look at yourself and suddenly question “Who Am I?”

When you suddenly realise that you no longer recognise the person you see in the mirror. That is when you will begin to appear. The facade, the mask will have fallen, the “I” in I am will have dissolved and your true essence and being will be now coming from a deeper space. It will be a depth so vast that the purity in you will really amaze you.

This is when you will have appeared, your presence will have changed. When you walk, when you talk you will no longer be living life, life will be living through you. Through you life will become alive, you will become a pure mirror through which everything and everyone will reflect from. In essence you will become invisible, but in becoming invisible you will now finally shine brighter than you ever could have imagined.

@secretmirrors always operating from a space of purity.

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Life Is A Journey Not A Destination

Life Is A Journey Not A Destination | Secret Mirrors

We walk the same, we talk the same, we want the same… The journey maybe different but the destination is the same.A seed does not know what it will become until it flowers. Once it has flowered only then will it show its true beauty. Once fully in blossom it has no care for its surroundings other than to acknowledge and merge into oneness.

This is what we as humanity need to understand and come to #realisation of. We are all unique searching for the truth. We each have a secret to share with each other… Only when we realise our true essence can we tap into our secret and share it with the world..

@secretmirrors teaching you that individuality is the source for creativity.

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We Are Immortal

We Are Immortal

If you can figure out this simple concept, understand it, feel it and breath it then you have uncovered life’s hidden secret. This is the Shangri La that is always spoken of, the source of immortality.

It is the perspective that you are viewing from that will make the change. This is not the first time you have existed and it won’t be the last. Enjoy what life has to offer, do good, be good but most of all be happy.

I am guiding you into a new world, a new paradise.

Heaven is not found up above or down below… It is found right where you are standing. Its your choice what you want to make of it. Look within to unlock everything you have ever wanted. The power you need is in you, the change you need is in you, but most importantly you must remember you, the real you. Find the real you and shift realities forever.

@secretmirrors reminding you that heaven is found on earth.

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