Life Is Already Perfect

Life Is Already Perfect | Secret Mirrors

Perfect is what you make of it, it is merely just perception. If you start believing that your life is perfect, it will be. If you start to believe you are rich, happy, joyful, content you will be.

The key to this perfect life… Is that you don’t know anything else. How your life is playing out is exactly how your life is meant to be playing out. Its a perfect masterpiece, make it through and you will be up for a grammy. This perfection is only going to be true if you are living your life and not someone else’s. 95% of the world is in role play… Take a moment to think about it… Actually don’t… Thinking is what got you into the mess of role playing in the first place… Your life begins in the present moment. Stop thinking, thinking is recycling of past to add value to the future. Live each moment fully, it’s the only moment you will ever know, it is where that perfect and happy ever after comes from.

@secretmirrors showing the world that we can all have a happy ever after.

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The Past Pollutes Your Future

The moment you open your garbage bin and start using it for anything but waste storage then you are in trouble.

The mind is like a garbage bin and it is full of all information you collect on a daily basis. From the day you were born it has been filled subconsciously with impression’s, views and thoughts all based on particular points in time. This storing of rubbish has no validity to you at all, other than to try protect your identity… Your ego… You will find that the mind is very clever when it comes to recycling. It uses this past information to add value to the present moment.. And in turn it tries to sway your future outcome. All the mind is doing is protecting itself, it is protecting its identity, the ego is trying to remain intact. When the ego is threatened it will do whatever it can to keep you oscillating between past and future, between recycling and polluting….

Only when you discover the difference between mind, pain-body, self and supreme self will you slowly discover the rubbish the mind has been creating. Only then will you find ways to work on clearing your mind and living in the present.

@secretmirrors clearing the past to ensure a clutter free future.

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In Is The Only Way Out

In Is The Only Way Out | Secret Mirrors

The reality that exists for you can only be experienced once you have taken the time to turn inwards. The external world that we all live in is a creation of other peoples inner world. The inner world they have dreamt of has become there outer reality, unfortunately a lot of us spend our lives living in there world and not our own.

We end up living in there dream and not our own. So you can imagine why there is so much turmoil in the world. People have to live in a controlled way to keep others dreams a reality.

Turning inwards and finding yourself will open you up to a safe sanctuary of your own. Here you will become the controller, the master of your world. It is from here that you will learn to fully play the game that the outer world has going on. But you will now come to understand that you and only you are in full control of your own destiny.

Find your calling and share it with the world. If it positively benefits you, then it should also positively benefit humanity.

@secretmirrors changing the world that you live in.

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Whose Minding Who?

Mindfulness | Secret Mirrors

The mind is the store room of all that you have experienced in your life. It keeps you under its spell to ensure its own survival. In securing itself it leaves you insecure and under complete illusion.

Learn to control your mind, be mindful of it’s purpose, but do not give it energy to control your #present experience. Either you control your mind or your mind will control you.

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You Are Timeless

You Are Timeless

Time is an illusion. A construct of the human body, created to keep us all in a sealed box. Awakening to the reality of its insignificance will help dissolve it’s grip over you. Its nature is to keep you bounded and shackled for eternity.

One day you will come to know that your true essence is boundless and completely free. Its that day we all need to awaken to collectively. Its that day where two will eventually become ONE. Unity will prevail.

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