Nothing In Life Is Coincidence

Nothing In Life Is Coincidence

Nothing in life is random, nothing in life is coincidental or luck based. It has all been planned perfectly. Planned and just waiting, waiting to be executed at the right times on your journey.

You see when you came here you came with a map. A map which would guide you along your path. Just to make sure you kept to the map, you placed in certain guarantees. These guarantees were designed by you, hoping that along the way they would offer you timely reminders to keep going. The impact of these nudges were tiered from gentle to extreme. If simple ones didn’t work then a more forceful guarantee was placed for insurance.

You see to keep to your path is the most difficult. Difficult as everything around you is designed to make you fail.. It is this chance of possible failure that will keep you on the path. Nobody ever said that learning was easy, nobody ever said evolving would be a breeze. It will take time, perseverance, faith and a lot of energy to find your treasure. But believe me it will be all worth it….

@secretmirrors came with a map of instructions and is slowly starting to unravel its treasures.

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You Were Never Meant To Fit In

You Were Never Meant To Fit In | Secret Mirrors

Ever had the feeling‬ that you sometimes don’t fit in? Ever felt like no matter how hard you try it always seems to not work in your favour?

Well let me tell you a secret, you were never meant to fit in. You were designed with a purpose in mind. You were designed to not be a followerbut a leader. You are the director of your life and something within will always try to push you in completing its purpose. Its that something which you need to discover. That something is the real you… That something is SELF… That something is consciousness.

Let self‬ be the guide on your journey. Believe in it, trust it and let it protect you. That gut instinct you feel but sometimes choose to ignore… Well don’t ignore it… acknowledge it, consciously process it for what it is in this present moment… Then make your choice… It will always do right by you.

@secretmirrors reminding you that you never have to fit in just because everyone else is.

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Work For Relationships

Work For Relationships | Secret Mirrors

The key to our very existence is in the relationships that we create. That is all there is too it. We are not here for any other greatness, but that of creating harmony and balance throughout humanity.

We all have to work to contribute our talent and skills for the benefit of others. It is our duty to do this and it should be done unconditionally, with no expectation of results or rewards. We should all strive to do the best, be the best and bring light and happiness into the lives of those that we serve.

It is in the service of others that you will come to find your salvation. You will come to feel the moment of presence. Make relationships your first and only goal and you will change reality for ever.

@secretmirrors helping create world changing relationships.

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Leadership | Secret Mirrors

Who are the real leaders of the world? You will find the real leaders are not the ones that are followed, but the ones who are following. We are all born leaders, each one born to lead something in this world.

First you must find your voice, use that voice to lead your life. Once you have found your purpose go out into the world and start making that real change. The change we all need right now for a brighter tomorrow. Real leaders create more leaders, by simply empowering them with who they truly are.

Where you find the right leaders you will find love, joy compassion and happiness. Be that change you want to see in this world. Be that light for those still in the dark.

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Life Is A Stage

Life Is A Stage | Secret Mirrors

We are all just actors on the grand stage of life. Each one of us has a unique role to play in this feature length movie. Some already know there part while others are still discovering there’s.

Just ensure that whatever your part maybe you make it the best part ever written. The only audience you need to please is yourself. Make it happen, get up on that stage and shine. You came here to make waves not ripples, those waves need to be felt through existence.

Remember it is because you exist that you think. You don’t think therefore you exist! Get out there and start existing, start shining the world needs your energy, the world needs its actors.

secretmirrors bringing actors alive on the world stage.

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