The Lust For Love – An Emotional Rollercoaster

The Lust For Love

The Lust for Love a battle of cataclysmic proportions, a duel of such great magnitude that it can leave you either drowning for survival, or it can lift you to the heavens. Lust and Love are always seen as being opposites in nature, one based purely on instinct while the other is found deep within you. Both have there timely purpose, but only one will eventually free you from the illusions that you have been led to believe.

The actions of lust have been ingrained in man as the desire to procreate. It has been driven hard by instinct to guarantee power, fulfilment and survival. Lust has always had a very uncanny way of masking itself as being love, for those who are unaware it, it can very easily consume them into the darkest depths of a false reality. The drivers for this lustful mechanism are that of ego and mind. The mask that this duo can create can appear so genuine that it can make this pseudo-love feel completely real. You see the sense of “I” the ego is driven by desire. It has only the desire to realise its own identity, to make itself feel alive. It has a smart way of drawing the mind into conspiring for its own selfish endeavours. The unconscious mind which is none the wiser gives into the ego, surrendering itself unknowingly to fulfil its conspirator’s needs. From the imagery of the setting to the feelings of emotions it can gain all it requires to hatch its master plan. Before you know it just like magic an illusionary mind created situation suddenly starts to feel real. An illusion so cleverly detailed that you can lose all your common sense, so smartly thought out that breaking out can become near enough impossible. The ego and mind have just made you their prisoner, they smile as they continue to fulfil there own selfish agendas.

Now love, love is a totally different dimension. Love has no mask it doesn’t need to hide from anything. In fact it has no attachments at all. Love doesn’t need to find a reason to exist. Pure in it’s origin it comes from a hidden place, a place so deep that it has the ability to shake up your whole existence. You see love is not something that you search for and find. Love is not something that you can gain from worldly delights. It has no bounds it has no limits, you could say it is all pervading, infinite so to speak. It is essence in its purest form, priceless yet abundant. So where is this love you might ask? “Take a look at who is looking for it”. The one thing that everyone is searching for which always seems difficult to find. The one thing you are willing to move heaven and earth for inorder to feel its presence….. You maybe looking your whole life for love and you still won’t find it. Why? Because you will have been looking in all the wrong places for its existence.

You see love cannot be found outside of you. In fact it doesn’t actually need to be found at all. The reason for this is because love is actually within you, you are what you are looking for. You are love from the core, you are love in its most complete form. You are love and love is you. What you are searching for is you, all the world is doing is reflecting you. People, places, objects and possessions all of these things are just mirroring who you truly are. So you can now begin to imagine why we all seek for love outside of us… We seek because its the outside which is always showing us the inside, the love that we always have been. The outside is merely just a reflection of who we genuinely are.

So the next time you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, mesmerised and excited at the thought that you might be in love. Just take a moment to see how you are charging up. Always remember whatever is making you feel this way is actually just reflecting you. Just make sure that the power of conscious love is in the driving seat of your decisions and not the lustful backseat passenger whose always trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

‘Lust is when you love what you see. Love is when you lust for whats inside.’ – Renee Conkle

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