Gate Keeper | Shakti Enters A New Space

Gate Keeper | Secret Mirrors

Patience has always been seen as a virtue and who better too show it to me than the gate keeper. The gate keeper had been seated quietly in pose, just waiting patiently for the time to come to hear his long awaited order. A gentle voice now whispered “son its time open the gates for me, let me light up the path that will lead you to heaven”. As the gate keepers gates crashed open, a burst of intense energy (shakti) surged straight through, it had just entered a new space, fiercely it burst forth free and electrifying. It was at that very moment that I came to realise how important Shiva had really become. She needed controlling and it would take a conscious effort on my part to ease her down slowly.

I can only imagine from this standpoint that if Shiva had remained dormant, and by some random chance Shakti had passed through the gates then destruction would definitely have been on the cards. Fortunately for me the gate keeper had kept things held in place. Only when both Shiva and Shakti were active could Shakti enter her new abode. Her journey needed guidance but where was she going? Why did she need close vigilance? New questions were arising; I knew now though that the answers would reveal themselves exactly when needed. Fear no longer drove me, I had become fearless. I felt free and anew, this change was amazing and I was naturally evolving to keep it that way.

All this time Shakti had been sitting dormant in her home of the muladhara chakra, her son ganesha had been guarding her very closely. She was a coiled serpant waiting to be set free, freedom was what she had been seeking but only when her patience was under control would she be granted her wish. Only her keeper could order her to pass, only then could kundalini begin her ascension back to her origin, her source. Her journey was not going to be easy; but knowing that Shiva was by her side she would find comfort with every step she took. There were going to be many challenges on her new path, each one exposing her to new battles. It was in these battles she would come to learn about life and it would be from these lessons she would experience all that life would have to offer her. Shiva would always be silently guiding her when she was faced with adversity and it was in this solace she knew that she was safe and secure. It was in his arms that she would find a new love, a love for who and what she really was.

The real journey had just began, one of immense importance, one that could reset everything I had ever known. The jigsaw was slowly piecing together and one day it would finally reveal its secret.

‘It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you,but no one can walk it for you’– Rumi

Lord Shiva | Characteristics – Pt2

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva has and always will be a majestic and thought provoking character for me. He has always captivated me in an unexplainable way; but only is it now that I am in a place of pure bliss that I can unravel the strong grip he has had over me for so many years. Lord Shiva just seems to have this presence, when you are close to him he literally takes your breath away. And rightly so he should, because what he will show you when you are ready will revolutionise your world forever.

Lord Shiva’s characteristics are those of enormous significance, only when you look very closely will you realise what they mean. Firstly it is important to understand that Lord Shiva is one of many forms, each one of his forms depicting different qualities of which you will find in each living being. The importance of this is to understand that we all have different characteristics which make us unique, but what is significant is that we are conscious of them and in full control of them. Then only can these characteristics become useful in finding out more about who we truly are.

The main aspects of Lord Shiva that I will elaborate on are as follows, each one of these will make you more conscious and more mindful, while you continue on your journey of life. The first trait of this divine cosmic being is his so called “third eye“. Shiva is said to possess, not only the two physiological eyes you and I have; but also an additional one which sits between the two. This third eye is the entrance to the mind. It is the eye what will eventually dissolve all Maya (illusion) that you see and will give rise to total reality. The eye is said to make one both more aware and conscious, eventually leading one to his or her true self, the true reality of pure consciousness. Once the third eye is said to be active you will find that you no longer are projecting the illusionary world that you see around you. Instead you will learn to embrace it in all its beauty and come to the realisation that you are the world and that the world is you.

Lord shiva is seen to carry a three pronged trishul (trident). The symbolic significance of this is to remind us about balance in life. Life is energy and its the flow of energy that governs balance. The energy system is made up of 72,000 nadis (channels), of which the main three sources are Ida, Pingala & Sushumna. Ida you will find on the left, Pingala on the right and Sushumna in the centre. Ida is said to represent the feminine aspect of ones self, calming, cool, emotional, seeking desires. Whereas the Pingala is said to represent the male aspect of ones self, anger, heat, emotionless, detached actions. Sushumna is the centre energy channel, which when once you have balanced your ida and pingala, you will enter, duality will become unity. People will spend there whole lives oscillating between ida and pingala; but those fortunate enough to enter sushumna will start to see the magic that awaits them. Life will suddenly change as kundalini is awakened, the once dormant coiled serpent that sat quietly in the muladhara chakra, will finally make itself known. Believe me you will know when you have entered sushumna, because that is when your ascension to pure consciousness will have begun.

Shiva no matter where you look, will always be depicted with cobra snakes adorning his body. In particular you will find a snake around his neck, the centre of the vishuddi chakra, the fifth centre of the energy system. Vishuddi literally means “especially pure”, cobras as you are aware carry a venomous poison of which the effects are very well documented. The symbolic meaning of the cobras in this case is to show that the vishuddi chakra acts as a block/filter to help prevent negative thoughts, emotions, energy or ideas from entering the energy system and thus keeping order and balance. Only that which is pure will be filtered through, thus ensuring your ascension remains upwards through the energy system.

The moon that adorns Lord Shivas head is a symbolic representation of the feminine characteristics of being cool, calm, patient, relaxed yet alert. You will find Shiva is depicted in a yogic pose, a position representing total relaxation and intoxication, he is pure consciousness. He is in a total state of bliss, completely immersed in self, yet he is fully alert. When you have found your real self, you will instantly find that you are totally relaxed and at ease. Its from this place that you will finally start to change not only your reality, but for those around you.

It is these symbolic representations that are a reminder of what the human race should be looking at, at all times to achieve. It is only by understanding your inner world and creating that inner space which is you sanctuary. Will you be able to find true balance and harmony, once you get that right your outer world will magically transform forever.

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’

– Henry David Thoreau

Journey of Life – Finding Your Purpose

Journey of Life Finding Your Purpose | Secret Mirrors

In the Journey of Life there may come a point where you question why? Why do we do certain things when one day this Journey of Life will simply come to an end?

For me the Journey of Life began by questioning the same small thing repetitively. This question used to really bug me from a very young age from which stemmed endless questions and the search for answers. One day this search eventually led me to the dreaded question of Why Do We Exist? This really used to make me feel uneasy, nauseous at times and on most nights left me with a sensation of being sucked into a dark hole. From then on I did everything I could to shun the plethora of questions that would whirl around in my head when left unoccupied. Then later on in my life, the same pestering question revisited, but this time, I could not let it go. I had to face it head on.

The first place I turned to was to religion. However, personally I did not find the answers I was looking for in any such teachings. It was not until I turned inwards did I begin to unravel some peace and balance to these unruly thoughts. I realised that we are all on a journey, with very similar goals in mind. All of us are looking for some sort of freedom, ultimate happiness, wealth, divinity etc. but our routes will all differ. It was understanding this concept which first gave me a sense of peace. We can conceptualize this as a point of bright light emitting abundant halos. The centre of the light is the focus we all aim to reach, and the halos represent us. The different rings represent different beliefs, religions, phases etc. in life all pointing towards the centre that binds us all as one.

We are all at different stages in this Journey of Life, each and every path taken neither right nor wrong. By understanding this and discovering what brings you closer to your centre, it may be possible to answer such burning questions for yourselves and for us all to live side by side in both peace and harmony. We must live in total equilibrium by trying to allow ourselves and those around us the chance to both Live and Let Live.

Inner World | My World

Inner World - Shakti (Energy) | Secret Mirrors

I had taken the plunge into an Inner World, the plunge of just stepping into my world and oh boy was it a mess. Its as if my eyes had just turned inwards and then without any further warning just dropped me into an Inner World of total chaos. I was like “what is this all about” first you help me find my Inner World and then you leave me to deal with this? Had I just made a mistake? was I just dreaming? should I just turn back and close the door? were all questions I constantly kept asking myself. But I had only just walked into the door of this Inner World and already a raging battle had begun a battle with one of my greatest demons “Fear”.

“Fear is a demon we all have in our lives, which has been instilled in us from the day we entered into this physical plane. We all at some point in our lives will need to confront all our fears whether we like it or not”. For me the time had come, “talk about timing” I had just awakened and now this? Talk about bad luck, nevertheless curiosity kept me marching on, only this time I felt for the first time ever like I was not alone, this time I had an ally by my side. A new power had arisen, a power that was now supporting me to keep going. This new power I will refer to for now as “shakti” and at a later point in the blog discuss this further with you all.

A battle had now ensued between this power (shakti) and fear, one minute the fear ran riot the next the power took reigns. This back and forth motion continued for sometime, leaving me completely drained, physically and mentally I was a wreck, powerless as to what was happening. I had to let nature takes its course, the demon had to be brought to the light and finally banished forever. My life for a while was in turmoil lost at moments and then found again. It was sometime after all this that I came to another realisation, yes you guessed it another “Aha” moment. I had finally banished my demon, its as though this vault inside me that had been containing all my fears had just been broken. Shakti had just taken full reign over the demon and the good over the evil had finally taken back control. But wait “I thought” I have many more things that need addressing I am sure of it, how can this be it. It was then that I realised I needed to keep faith, the faith that in time what needed to be revealed to me would.

It was this first everlasting experience that led me deeper into the unknown. I literally found myself questioning everything about my life, from the day that I was born to the present moment. The journey was going to be both long and demanding but I had to move on, I had to find my answers.

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