Dissolving “I” in “I am”

Dissolving "I" in "I am"

If you want to give your children the best education in the world then DO NOT teach them about the letter “I”

The letter “I” is the only letter in the alphabet that causes so many problems we see in the worldtoday. From a young age it is instilled in all of us as a means of creating an #identity. It is where we learn to create all of our #attachments from, its the source of all of humanities problems and its from this source alone that we can start to learn to dissolve these very issues.

“I” is so powerful it unconsciously creates divide, and division is the largest most destructive entity that exists today. Divide leads to segregation, it leads to poverty, wars, greed, fear and total destruction. Our children need to be taught to accept everything and everyone as there own, everything they see is a reflection of themselves. There is no “I” in anything but just “us”, we are always one, always have been and always will be.

Start today, start making these changes in yourSELF. Start to slowly dissolve your ego, start to destroy your identity… It is only then will you come to know who you really and truly are….

@secretmirrors destroying the “I” in “I am”

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