In Is The Only Way Out

In Is The Only Way Out | Secret Mirrors

The reality that exists for you can only be experienced once you have taken the time to turn inwards. The external world that we all live in is a creation of other peoples inner world. The inner world they have dreamt of has become there outer reality, unfortunately a lot of us spend our lives living in there world and not our own.

We end up living in there dream and not our own. So you can imagine why there is so much turmoil in the world. People have to live in a controlled way to keep others dreams a reality.

Turning inwards and finding yourself will open you up to a safe sanctuary of your own. Here you will become the controller, the master of your world. It is from here that you will learn to fully play the game that the outer world has going on. But you will now come to understand that you and only you are in full control of your own destiny.

Find your calling and share it with the world. If it positively benefits you, then it should also positively benefit humanity.

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Priyesh Patel is an ambitious and enthusiastic young professional, working within the optical healthcare industry. He is also the creator of the blog Secret Mirrors. His vision is to try and help positively change peoples perspectives on life in the hope of creating a brighter future for humanity.

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