I would like to begin by offering all of our readers a warm sincere welcome on behalf all of us here at Secret Mirrors and we hope you enjoy reading our new and exciting blog. Some of you may already be wondering as to what this new blog is all about, so before I begin let me start by introducing myself to you all. My name is Priyesh Patel and Secret Mirrors is all about a vision, a vision with one purpose in mind, to help bring positive changes to all the people I am fortunate to meet in my life. Im sure you will all agree that meeting new people on a regular basis is somewhat difficult, mainly due to the limitations we have of the physical dimensions of time & space.

Finding problems as with most things has always been easy but finding a feasible solution has always been the tricky part. Having spent sometime pondering for a solution I came to the realisation that Secret Mirrors could be the answer I was looking for. I made the decision that not only was this new idea born for myself to connect with people but to hopefully one day create a new reality for us all. My vision for a new world is that of one truth and that simple truth is to some day allow people to escape from all their acts of duality in life and hopefully one day become united as one single verse, a verse united, a uni-verse. In life you will find there is no such thing as “you and I” and “yours and mine” there is merely “us” we are all one and the same. So this blog is not mine its “ours” and its for all of us to read, enjoy and contribute to.

Each one of us no matter where we are from are all striving for exactly the same things in our lives, whether that be love or happiness, wealth or joy, compassion or freedom. The only disparity to our individual search is the unique paths we are all taking to get there. Secret Mirrors has been created with “simplicity” in mind. The contents within the blogs have been carefully written and selected which I hope will one day bring vibrance and colour to the lives of many.

With the vast array of ideas and thoughts of everyone who has written for secret mirrors I believe one day the change the world needs for a better tomorrow has begun today.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Priyesh Patel is an ambitious and enthusiastic young professional, working within the optical healthcare industry. He is also the creator of the blog Secret Mirrors. His vision is to try and help positively change peoples perspectives on life in the hope of creating a brighter future for humanity.

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