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Secret Mirrors (#smartt) is a name that was created with a very deep meaning behind its origin. The definition behind Secret Mirrors came from a thought provoking moment, which literally pulled everything I had ever known into a space of clear and complete realisation. Life suddenly made complete sense, it was in this very moment that my identity the “I am” I had always referred to totally dissolved. I had awoken and my awareness had led me to finally realise, that “I was actually nothing” in the grand scheme of things, but at the very same time I found that actually “I was everything”.

So to explain the name Secret Mirrors, let me try explain the two parts separately. Secret as you are all aware is something – not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. Therefore its personal to you, information that has been confided in you and only you. Mirrors is simply to – show a reflection of. Let me start by going into the deeper meaning of each of these words and how they are going to actually change your life forever.

To begin with I will talk about the “Mirrors“, the mirrors I am talking about here are not the physical mirrors that you and I use daily to see our reflections in. No no the mirrors that I am referring to here are your real mirrors, the mirrors that surround you each and everyday. The mirrors that reflect who you really are, these mirrors are the people that you currently have in your life and all those you are still destined to meet. These mirrors are the true mirrors, they are the mirrors that are your only guides on this journey of life. If you look very closely at your own existence you will see that the people that currently surround you are the ones you have attracted in your life at that present moment. They are all your personal mirrors, present only to teach you a valuable lesson.

Some will stay and some will go, each and everyone playing their part to keep you on the right path to complete your purpose in life. What is very important to realise here is that all the people you are close to and like are those that reflect only the good and positivity in you. These are your so called good mirrors, your positive mirrors. However spending too much time with them only re-inforces your good traits and in essence massages you ego. The types of mirrors you actually need to be around more so are those which you find reflecting the bad, the negative qualities in you, i.e the people you do not seem to like. These are the ones which will continue to show you things that need to be worked on, qualities you need to become aware of, acknowledge and eventually dissolve.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” – Sun-tzu

The second part the “Secret” refers to the fact that each person in your life is reflecting a secret message to you and only you. Two people will never see the same reflection in a person, therefore you as the observer has a unique reflection. The secret is that the reflection you see in others is in essence your reality being reflected back at you. Its a secret because nobody else knows what you are actually seeing, only you know and only you can use it to change your Inner World. No two people will have the same reflection, nor will the lessons that two people need to learn be the same. So in effect how you see the world and everything within it, is actually a creation of you. You are the world and world you live in is you. Everything in your life is exactly the way it was set out to be, the lessons were already set before you came into existence and they will be completed before you leave. Stay aware and mindful and life will flow perfectly for you. Remember you are merely passing through so enjoy and embrace every single moment as it is and you will find heaven is closer than you could ever have imagined.

Use Your Personal Mirrors, Learn From Them & Change Your World Forever

Secret Mirrors

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