We Are Immortal

We Are Immortal

If you can figure out this simple concept, understand it, feel it and breath it then you have uncovered life’s hidden secret. This is the Shangri La that is always spoken of, the source of immortality.

It is the perspective that you are viewing from that will make the change. This is not the first time you have existed and it won’t be the last. Enjoy what life has to offer, do good, be good but most of all be happy.

I am guiding you into a new world, a new paradise.

Heaven is not found up above or down below… It is found right where you are standing. Its your choice what you want to make of it. Look within to unlock everything you have ever wanted. The power you need is in you, the change you need is in you, but most importantly you must remember you, the real you. Find the real you and shift realities forever.

@secretmirrors reminding you that heaven is found on earth.

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