Visualise And Manifest For An Amazing New Year

Visualise and Manifest as the new year approaches, you may be looking back at the success you encountered and/or your perception of defeats but remember one thing, which is “without imbalance there cannot be balance, and without balance there cannot be imbalance”. We must remember that all that was upon us was an outcome of our mind and creation of our thoughts. Everything is a process of the ability to Visualise and Manifest. After all, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it is merely transformed from one state to another, this is a law in physics (the law of conservation of energy), and as once rightly implied, all thought is just energy, so to create thought (energy) just use your imagination.

The week between Christmas and New Year I find is the perfect time for you all to escape into your inner mind and try to Visualise and Manifest all your wants and desires. To visualise and manifest is such a simple concept, yet some still ponder how something so straightforward can possibly be true? As did I until I began to believe.

Think back to when you were a child, that mere cardboard box was the fastest car known to man, a rocket blasting through space, a dressing table, a desk… Everything you imagined in your head was real, and at times reality and vision merged into one. (Only when you stopped believing i.e stopped the visualise and manifest concept and created restrictions, did these dreams fade into the distance). The simplest way I found to start the process of manifestation was to create some peaceful alone time and bring back that inner child in me. I did this by dropping all of my boundaries and just thinking about my biggest dreams and wishes. I’d also start visualising the environment and the emotions thatwere created and justhow this made all my senses feel. This simple exercise left me feeling very positive and thus emitted affirmative vibrations into the universe.

As a beginner, I found it easier to manifest on simpler goals (as opposed to being a millionaire straight away for example) related to my personality and achievements. I did this by just being a more positive individual and broadening my knowledge by reading around my subject. Once I had gathered my thoughts I found writing them down in the present tense made me feel as though it was already mine, for example I am a positive and open individual, again emitting vibrations to the universe at the same frequency as I wished for them to bounce back. One important thing I found was once Id made mywish list to which I had spent time on manifesting, visualising and feeling, all that was left to do now was to believe, trust and then let it go.

Having the faith that in your minds eye to Visualise and Manifest, will at some point in time translate to the physical realm is key. Sending out feelings of disbelief and lack of faith will only slow down the process and counteract the frequencies, you already sent out to the universe. What I have found that works best is to trust and to forget in order to stop myself obsessively thinking about when my manifestations will transpire. Do not dwell on how this may happen; this is not for you to worry about, just believing that it will happen when the time is right. (‘Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time’– Unknown). Just get on with living in the present and enjoying the signs the universe unravels for you.

Finally, some factors to consider, manifestation and visualisation should be a selfish art. By selfish I mean you can only control your own reality, you cannot control the lives of others however, you may wish to control your attitude towards others. Remember, anything you can imagine is possible, there are no boundaries, only the limitations you create in your mind.

Who Am I? Part 1 | Secret Mirrors

Who Am I ? | Lost at the reflection in the mirror | Secret Mirrors

Who Am I? I have always held the strong belief that the reflection I see every morning in the bathroom mirror is a complete confirmation of the person that I am. Never once have I had to question this image glaring right back at me, never have I had to pose the question of Who Am I?

Little was I to know that one day, this perception of myself was actually going to change forever. It was early 2015 and as clockwork I woke up to my daily routine. It turns out that this was not going to be another normal day. For it was the first day I had looked at myself in the mirror and seemed totally lost. No matter how hard I stared at my reflection that morning I could no longer recognise what I saw reflecting back at me. For the first time ever in my life I actually did not know who I was.

It was this day which became the most pivotal point of my life, everything I thought I knew was no longer a confirmation of Who am I. No longer was the man in the mirror what I had always related to as me recognisable. Something had changed but at that point in time I did not have any idea as to what this change was and why it had happened. What I can share with you all is this and that is, whatever had happened to me that day was exactly the way it was meant to have happened in my life. It was this scary event of losing myself and questioning Who Am I that actually led me onto this new journey of discovering the real me.

“In order for you to be found you must first be lost, only when you are lost will you understand what you have found”.

A new journey for me had just begun a journey which I couldn’t have even dreamt of. Up to that point in my life something had always been controlling me, but I’d had no idea of this controller. I always had thought I was already free, joyful and happy, but only once this new realisation had set in did I really sense the real meaning of freedom and happiness. For the first time ever not knowing “who I was” felt like I was starting to actually find out more about who I really was. There was no longer the feeling like I was a servant to something. It’s as if the master was now ready, ready to finally reveal himself to me and show me this hidden world I had been missing. I had already waited this long without knowing, “I’d say to myself” but my thirst for the unknown was now running in overdrive, all I needed was answers. I did not want to wait any longer, its as if it had all been a long time coming and I was now meant to find my way back home.

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