Fear | Evolving To Become Fearless

Fear | Evolving To Become Fearless

Fear – What is it? How does it arise? Why is it so deeply ingrained in humanity? are some of the many questions about fear that I always found myself asking. Sometimes I would find myself drowning completely in fear, while other times I would be fearlessly sailing the seas. It may seem very assumptive to say this, but I strongly believe that of the 7.6 billion people who inhabit this planet pretty much everyone lives in fear.

Fear is something that will for sure exist to varying degrees in all our lives, it is where our quest for survival originates from. However to what degree fear plays in your life only you can decide. Either it can control you or you can control it, the choice has and always will be yours. Now for me it all came to a sudden realisation that day when everything changed, when I woke up and questioned Who Am I? I realised for the first time that fear had been running my script, fear had been running my life. For the first time ever I felt a sudden sense of freedom a feeling of release. It was as if I had been reborn as if suddenly a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had for the first time experienced what fearlessness felt like. But I knew that this feeling of euphoria needed close management and understanding. If I was planning on keeping it I had to first figure out why I had been fearful for all these years. What had created this fear? and why had it had such a powerful hold over me? What I will share with you is my findings, findings which arose after moments in deep contemplation and self awareness. I hope that what I am about to reveal will too some degree go towards helping people overcome many of there own fears and in turn change there lives for the better.

To understand fear you must first learn to understand why it exists. Fear is one of the two principles found in the physiological mechanism of fight or flight. It is a hard wired characteristic built into all of us to create inertia, the inertia to keep moving. But why is fear such a dominating factor in all that we do.. well let me explain this to you now.

Let me take you back to that first day when you entered this worldly plane. For it is from that day forth that has determined your relationship with fear. You see when you are born you effectively have no concept of attachments, emotions, desires or fear. Your instinctive objective at that point in time is purely to find comfort, safety, nourishment and rest. You effectively have entered this new life as a blank CD with no map to guide you. In essence you are the closest to source and completely free. However as time passes on this CD starts to slowly fill up, your senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell being the filters through which you learn to see the world. All these senses are doing are allowing you to navigate the world safely, thus reinforcing the survival mechanism. What is key to understand here is that what you filter, you subconsciously store and what you store in time can become your reality. So for example lets say that you have been brought up in a setting where people around you have always been fearful, fearful of there safety, there status and security even fearful of death itself. This is what your daily exposure becomes and it is this exposure that starts to fill up your CD. The more exposure you have the stronger the characteristics become, until one day they become part of who you are.

Now as a child you have no control yourself to decide what to filter in and what to filter out. Your mind is like a sponge and you will absorb everything you are exposed to. So the key point to understand here is to try and minimise the exposure of fear you give to a young mind. The sources of exposure are many; but I will let you ponder over the varying types that exist. Fear is a characteristic that has been over developed, to a point greater than what is needed for survival. I am sure I do not have to spell it out to you as to why this has been done, but I will leave you with this one thought “In love you set free, in fear you …..”

Remember this one truth and that truth is that there is nothing in life that you need to fear, everything you have ever wanted lies on the other side of fear. In order to reach there you must first become fearless. To be fearful means you are using the stored information to add value to the present moment. In doing so you are operating from the past, fearing but not living. Only you can understand your fears and only you can learn to overcome them. You must come to understand that fear will exist throughout your whole life, but you will need to decide whether the decisions you make in this moment are made in either love or in fear. That choice I will leave upto you….

‘Life begins where fear ends’ – Osho

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