To Appear You Must Disappear

To Appear You Must Disappear | Secret Mirrors

Just like an illusionist who right before your very eyes disappears, you must also disappear. To disappear means to look at yourself and suddenly question “Who Am I?”

When you suddenly realise that you no longer recognise the person you see in the mirror. That is when you will begin to appear. The facade, the mask will have fallen, the “I” in I am will have dissolved and your true essence and being will be now coming from a deeper space. It will be a depth so vast that the purity in you will really amaze you.

This is when you will have appeared, your presence will have changed. When you walk, when you talk you will no longer be living life, life will be living through you. Through you life will become alive, you will become a pure mirror through which everything and everyone will reflect from. In essence you will become invisible, but in becoming invisible you will now finally shine brighter than you ever could have imagined.

@secretmirrors always operating from a space of purity.

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